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Full service loan coaching

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How does it work?

You meet or call me for an initial 20 minute consultation. If we mutually agree that I can help you then you pay my fee and I begin coaching you through the loan / debt / credit / refinance process. I provide you with years of expertise to ensure that you make the perfect decisions and get the best possible outcome.

Who am I?

I am a man who has spent years teaching people how to fight and win against a financial system that is rigged against them.

Do you sell loans? Do you work for a loan company?

No and no. Typical "loan consultants" are nothing more than agents of large financial institutions trying to sell you a loan that benefits their employers and not you. I do not work for anyone other than my clients. I do not sell loans. What I do is help individuals navigate the complex and confusing world of institutional finance at an affordable rate.

How do I know that you can help me?

You don't. That is why the initial consultation is free. We talk, I find out your situation and determine what you need and we go from there. There is no commitment on your part.


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